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Other Influencers


Other Influencers I found have a strong impact on both Instagram and YouTube were primarily beauty gurus with people like NikkieTutorials, Jeffree Star, Manny MUA and Laura Lee to name a few. Many of these beauty guru’s have partnered up with established make up companies to release lines of cosmetics which in turn, they sell via their youtube and IG.


Jeffree Star

Manny MUA

Laura Lee


Jeffree Star by himself has earned enough money through his old music career and through his youtube channel/make up tutorials. With this money he was then able to create his own Make Up company called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. With his make up brand selling so well in the U.S. and overseas he recently held his first collaboration with MannyMUA which was an instant sell out.

I also met up with a  friend during a photoshoot who opened my eyes to the industry and all of the pressures these influencers are to gain a large following and to sell. My friend Lydia Lane, although a music artist, also create fashion video’s. Most of these have been sponsored by a clothing brand who has sent her the items for free in return for her promoting these products on her channel (See video below – also linking to Mulvey’s Male Gaze). She also told me that she has to go for meeting with management almost every week to come up with a new plan to create new content that will draw in the viewers.

I also found an article which explaining more about these popular influencers.