Hannah's Critical Studies

Colour Photography



I love this page. It gives a comprehensive understanding on making sure colour in an images works well and isn’t overpowering the subject within the image. Topics such as dominant colours, receding colours, colour isolation and advancing colours are discussed.

Dominant Colours

This section discusses how colours can clash and it may be better to pick one colour to focus on and make sure the rest of the colours complement this desired focus shade.

Colour Isolation

This is similar to the first section but talks about changing the angle of the shot to achieve other shades or tones while also experimenting with various lenses.

Advancing Colours

According to this page, advancing colours are warmer tones like red and oranges. This is because the eye is naturally drawn to them over colder shades like blue and green. These are intended to be the main focus of the image.

Receding Colours 

These are the cooler shades like blues and greens. These colours tend to be better in the background as they assist in directing the attention to the warm tones.